success stories

Success stories

Customer-focused sales

What do you do when your market is contracting, your key competitors are going out of business, and the investors who bought your business mandate that you quadruple your size in four years? CLP Resources, Inc., based in Reno, Nevada, faced that quandary and developed a winning plan.

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Global computer and professional services company

This client’s downward spiral was turned around—it’s now a rising star and a globally-respected producer.

The company suffered from eroding margins, increased discounting, and lack of trust and respect from large systems buyers. ELA designed a custom program, teaching and coaching individuals and teams in building high-level trust and providing a differentiated customer experience.

The result was a 4% increase in margin, a 10-fold increase in funnel and a 2.5x increase in booked business.

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Security software company

This company lacked global functionality, had inadequate selling skills, and no authority in the field. ELA provided communication building, sales and management training, and followed up with coaching and consulting.

As a result, sales grew to $400M, the company maintained its market share, and its stock price tripled.

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