sales transformation

Sales transformation:
Build a strategic sales organization

ELA helps sales organizations create and execute their growth plans. We fine-tune the sales operating system by uniting sales leadership, sales managers and salespeople. All three need to: share the same view of the market; understand the strategies and sales tactics needed to implement them; retain and apply critical customer and market knowledge; use the same metrics; demonstrate accountability with one another; and work with processes—like CRM and compensation—that make sense.

1.  Develop a focused plan, with metrics, tied to strategic corporate objectives

ELA helps your organization develop and implement a strategic sales planning infrastructure—a critical step in both initiating and managing change. This process provides: short- and long-term direction to the sales organization; real strategy to maintain or improve the elements of your sales operating system; and, coherence for your major initiatives.

2.  Improve sales management

The concept is very simple: the most effective sales teams have the most effective managers—from the senior VP to the field sales managers who spend their days riding along with the reps.

Your managers need clarity to the few high-impact activities that will drive real sales improvement. At the same time, they need to be effective coaches. ELA helps sales managers focus on both – managing to the right objectives, strategies and tactics, and reinforcing the right behaviors to lead their sales teams in carrying out the organization’s market strategies.

We provide direct coaching to senior sales management to make sure that the overall plan is implemented as intended, and that organizational behavior supports the long-term success of the plan.

3.  Enrich the capability of salespeople and sales teams

There is no second place in sales—one team wins, the rest get a learning experience. Fortunately, there are less expensive ways to learn. ELA provides sales force development by equipping your team with the knowledge, skills and systems critical for success.

We offer the conceptual tools, strategies, techniques and coaching that enable your sales force to win sales:

  • Retain and expand current key-customer relationships.
  • Initiate and acquire solid working relationships with new customers.
  • Facilitate the buyer’s journey and influence decision-making processes.
  • Pursue profitable and probable opportunities.
  • Differentiate your offering in new ways, with each customer and within each sales campaign.
  • Define solutions that give your customer real value, and link your offerings to your customers’ needs.
  • Maneuver around a price war and negotiate win-win solutions.