Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation

Successful strategy execution begins with leaders who effectively create a workforce that is:

  • Aligned with the strategy
  • Highly engaged
  • Committed to the organization’s goals
  • Supported with the skills needed
  • Delivers the desired outcomes

At ELA, we help organization leaders become more skilled in developing aligned, engaged, and competent teams. We leverage decades of experience in executive coaching, leadership strategy, and capabilities training to build a framework that enables management and executive teams to assess themselves and transform the way they lead, engage, and align their teams.

The result: more productive workforces, higher retention and organizations with stronger leader “bench strength”. Our process includes four critical steps that are customized to your organization’s needs:

  1. Assessment: We combine in-depth personal interviews with validated assessment instruments to help leaders objectively evaluate themselves and their teams on leadership skills and employee impact. This quantitative and qualitative data identifies departmental, team, and organization-wide issues around team effectiveness and alignment, and drives project design.
  2. Planning: Following these assessments, leaders develop actionable and measurable plans to address gaps in organizational effectiveness. At the highest levels of an organization, executive teams work together on plans for organizational transformation, ensuring alignment on the key needs that will be addressed to improve team engagement and leadership skills. At mid-levels of the organization, process leaders create action plans that align with leadership strategies and move change through the organization.
  3. Training & Implementation: Through assessment and planning, organizational leaders identify leadership capability gaps at the various levels of the organization, and ELA develops training programs to address those skill gaps. ELA programs fit the organization’s needs, its cultural dynamics, and are built to enable participants to immediately put new leader skill sets into practice.
  4. Coaching & Performance Tracking: Following implementation, ELA provides ongoing support to continue the skill development journey, and to ensure that strategies and action plans effectively drive transformation. Ongoing assessments can be implemented to track progress on organization engagement metrics.