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Here are free research papers from ELA Consulting Group and some of our partners that cover a range of sales-related topics, including training, sales operating systems, sales process transformation and leadership. Click on the links to register and download any of the papers.

Sales Process Transformation

The executives of leading companies understand the need to create value beyond the initial sale. They want to be part of their customers’ solution as opposed to simply executing a financial transaction. ELA Consulting Group believes that creating a consultative sales culture is imperative for companies that wish to compete in the future. In this research paper, we explain that in order to help transform a sales organization from its transactional focus to a consultative focus, there is a three-phase program that identifies, builds and institutionalizes an effective consultative sales culture. Our three-phase approach includes assessment, alignment, and coaching. Download 

Sales Management Transformation

Most companies invest heavily in training their salespeople on methodologies, tools, processes and enabling technologies. Few companies invest in their sales managers. Instead, they rely on the natural, heroic energy that is part of every sales organization, and sales managers who can muscle their way through anything to get the job done.  This results in short-term firefights, internal work-arounds, missed market signals, and ultimately sales team and customer churn. In an economic environment that demands maximized revenue and profits, this is an expensive way to do business.

In this brief, ELA offers three steps to assess, transform, and optimize your sales management team.  Download

Transforming Sales to Outside-In

Does your company operate with an Inside-Out or Outside-In approach?

Most companies try to find all the ways to pull customers through their own selling process. That’s what’s known as an Inside-Out approach to sales. Instead, we need to focus on how well our selling processes align to our target customer’s buying process, using an Outside-In approach. Download

One Page Business Planning

An executive briefing on the One Page Business Planning approach

This executive briefing introduces The One Page Business Plan, with the concepts of the planning processes and technique developed over the last eleven years and used with thousands of business owners and executives. The concepts of One Page Planning work equally well in large companies like Disney, Oracle, America Online and Morgan Stanley as they do with small to mid-market companies. The process also works incredibly well with non-profits, hospitals, school districts and government agencies. Download


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