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Jean Labadie

Jean Labadie


530.745.4288   labadie@elaconsultinggroup.com

Jean Labadie co-founded ELA in 1980 and helped build the company into one of the San Francisco Bay area’s most successful sales and management training firms. Jean became president of ELA in 2001.

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Peter Krammer

Managing Partner

707.252.8880   krammer@elaconsultinggroup.com

Peter Krammer is ELA’s Managing Partner. He manages the operations of the company, directs its strategy, and consults with a wide range of clients in multiple industries.

Peter designs and manages projects that include: raising the capabilities of salespeople, sales managers, and sales leadership; go-to-market strategy development and transformation; account management, customer service and retention; revenue and profit improvement; sales process improvement; executive and organizational alignment; and succession planning.

Peter has a strong working knowledge of many industries, including computer hardware, software, semiconductor, staffing, insurance and healthcare, energy, consumer products, agriculture, heavy manufacturing, distribution, music, and film.

Peter lives in Napa, California. He is active in improving local community housing and mental health services and currently serves on the board of Mentis.

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Mary Lee Shalvoy

Partner and Project Manager

510.749.7134   shalvoy@elaconsultinggroup.com

Mary Lee Shalvoy joined ELA Consulting Group in 2007. In her role as Project Manager, Mary Lee works with both internal and external resources to plan, execute, and complete projects on deadline and within budget. Mary Lee oversees the corporate marketing strategy and all communications.

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Stephen Hamilton

Senior Consultant

650.347.2438   hamilton@elaconsultinggroup.com

Stephen Hamilton joined ELA in 2004. With a career established on an international sales and marketing foundation, he has a proven ability to transform organizations through the application of technology to business processes.

Stephen helps his clients build sales and sales channel processes and systems, with a focus on organizational governance and alignment via a holistic approach to people, process and technology.

Client industries include the full spectrum of high tech, mining, agriculture, staffing, and direct marketing.

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Laura Webb

Senior Strategy Consultant

502.418.4335   webb@elaconsultinggroup.com

Laura Webb joined ELA in 2016 as senior strategy consultant. She brings nearly 20 years of executive business experience, working in strategy, marketing and innovation. Laura has deep experience with Fortune 100 companies, successfully guiding their executive leadership teams through the market maze. At ELA, Laura facilitates the development of strategic, go-to-market, and operating plans for executive and management teams using existing resources to address the current market, as well as for conditions that arise in the next three to five years.

Laura spent nearly a decade at Brown-Forman where she led marketing for several branded portfolios and managed the global innovation team for Brown-Forman’s $3 billion business. During her time in Brown-Forman’s Corporate Strategy team, Laura worked closely with the C-suite to set the company’s 10 Year Business Growth Plan and first Global Marketing Strategy. Her prior experience at Deloitte Consulting and Yum Brands earned her early credentials in strategic thinking and identifying opportunities for growth.

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Keri Stewart

Senior Strategy Consultant

505.296.3440   stewart@elaconsultinggroup.com

Keri Stewart joined ELA in 2014 as a Senior Consultant and Facilitator. She uses her many years as a commissioned sales person, as a corporate coach and as a facilitator to engage and relate with ELA clients. She works closely with leadership teams, project teams, strategic teams, sales teams and individuals to gain focus, accountability and results specific to their business.

Keri is an engaging, interactive facilitator and presenter who weaves life stories, hands-on lessons, a variety of take-away points to make the class materials relevant, fun and memorable. Her style is humorous, conversational, fun and enlightening. As a key member of the ELA team, Keri works to train, coach and develop employee skills in the areas of leadership, communications, sales, customer service and planning.

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