ELA Consulting Group

We provide expertise in three major areas: building sales, improving communication between clients and their customers, and aligning leadership to improve business results. For 35 years, we have designed and implemented effective solutions across many industries. Our consultants have senior management experience and they combine their expertise with certification in tools, processes, and methodologies from organizations such as Wilson Learning and One Page Business Plan—tools proven to facilitate organizational change.

Our history

ELA started in 1980 as the west coast representative for Wilson Learning, helping rapidly growing high tech companies such as Apple, Applied Materials and Microsoft connect their salespeople with their customers, and their sales managers to their salespeople.

During our history, the selling environment and sales organizations have become much more complex, from how companies create value – and value themselves – to how their customers interact with them and their competitors locally, regionally, and globally. We have built our reputation on helping the organizations, not just with sales skills training, but by developing optimized sales organizations and processes that execute world class go-to-market strategies.

Today, ELA Consulting Group is still a proud partner with Wilson Learning, as well as with other world-class business development leaders such as One Page Business Plan and Vantage Point Performance. We’ve expanded our reach nationally to mid-sized and large companies across many industries, from high tech to biotech, to staffing, insurance, and agriculture.

Our mission has always been the same. To succeed you have to be smart. We help make companies smarter about their business.

Our approach

Our projects typically follow these steps:

  • Conduct a systematic analysis with a cross-section of executive-level managers and key stakeholders to formulate strategic objectives and to develop a plan for design, implementation, and sustainability.
  • Consult with stakeholders to align plans and designs with existing business processes such as CRM, lead development and nurturing, marketing communications, etc.
  • Design and implement custom or tailored continuous learning systems that harvest corporate and market intelligence. These systems help teams, individual contributors and managers improve their capabilities to support the long-term success of the strategic objectives and plans. Solutions can include multiple modalities: classroom, virtual, e-learning, app-based learning, personal coaching, etc.
  • Provide or enhance marketing and communications to build and maintain support of the learning initiative at all levels of the organization.
  • Build a more concise/cohesive information exchange between sales and delivery teams and the customer.
  • Measure progress and learning impact using client-defined metrics throughout the implementation, adjusting designs and delivery, as necessary.

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